About ER Game

ER the NBC emergency room themed drama started in 1997 and aired it's final episode on April 2, 2009. This ER themed soap opera was such a big hit that back in 2005 ER Software was formed by Legacy Interactive and they produced an ER themed 3D game. This game was a popular hit for PC gamers at the time and was not only entertaining but an educational game that dealt with real world emergency room situations.

Screenshots from the ER Game

Below you'll find screenshots from the ER Game that are taken directly from the game. You'll get an understanding of what the game was about and how it functioned from these screenshots.

More About ER Game

As the new intern in the ER, you’ve got your work cut out for you. No sleep in 36 hours and you lay down for a well-deserved rest. Then the call comes in; there’s been a freeway pile-up with multiple victims. The ambulance is 5 minutes out. You drag yourself up and prepare for the next onslaught. Welcome to the life and death drama that is Chicago’s County General Hospital.

Key ER Game Features:

* Starring Noah Wyle, Mekhi Phifer and Sherry Stringfield

* Create your doctor and train in six different fields of medicine

* Unique character management sim / roleplaying game play

* Increase your prestige in the hospital by successfully treating patients, maintaining positive relationships and achieving your goals in each of the dramatic and sometimes humorous mission-based episodes

* Immersive gameplay features highly-detailed 3D environments and over 100 unique characters

* Utilize Perks and Special Abilities for the greater good, or just to spite your rivals! Give them as gifts or trade them with fellow staff members to build stronger relationships

* Experience a huge variety of patient disorders and group emergencies both inside and outside of the ER

What Happened to ER Game

Because ER Game was created so long ago and was not been any new releases since the first version the game has become old and outdated as far as gaming standards go. There was originally both good and bad feed back surrounding the ER game. If you currently check the reviews on Amazons page here regarding this game you'll find such reviews posted by people who have purchased and played this game. Unfortunately new copies of this game are not available for sale. There are however old copies being sold by third parties on Amazon that can seemingly be purchased.

I Like ER Games What are Other Options

Below we've put together a listing of some alternate options for ER and similar type games that can still be enjoyed and either purchased online or played for free.

This is an interesting game called Friday Night at the ER which is a more serious type game that can help ER doctors get ready for working in a real ER.

If visit this page on Amazon.com you'll find a few other ER type games that can be purchased and played on your PC. Unfortunately we couldn't find any ER specific games for consoles such as XBox and Playstation.

The following link on GamesLikeFinder.com provides a listing of Hospital like games that can be played either online or on your PC.

Although this game is not specifically an ER game this online slot machine game called Dr. Love is a medical themed game that can be played for free in your webs browser by visiting here.

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